• February 1, 2023

Editorial note

 Editorial note

At NatureVolve, we are an international community uniting to share our ideas in science and art with the world, through the common appreciation of nature. While sharing diverse topics within science, conservation and art, in this issue we emphasize the value of looking after the lands on which we live.

In the section Science we cover land-based ecology research, and then move onto wildlife protection and best practices in Conservation, where we deep-dive into conservation issues in South America, with some illustrative snaps.

The front cover of this issue is a small taster of what is to come in the Scicomm section, where we highlight science photography that captures stunning crystallization patterns.

There is more science inspired creativity to see through to the Art section, where diverse creatives’ influences from nature are shown.

Our digital magazine continually shares the ideas of both scientists and creatives with worldwide communities as we all unite to celebrate nature. Being open and inclusive, contributions in many forms are welcome.

If interested to join us and contribute to an upcoming issue, please go to naturevolve.com/submission-form

If you enjoy this issue please shout on social media, and so your friends can also enjoy free copies, share the free subscription link: naturevolve.com/subscribe

Thank you for your support and enjoy the issue!

Clarissa Wright


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